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Why Choose Doehling Landscape | Lawn Care Professionals

When it comes to lawn care and landscaping there are many choices out there for those in the Southwest Metro region. While many of these choices tend to be companies that offer the lawn care and landscape maintenance, most lack the professional expertise that Doehling Landscape Services has to offer. Check out the reasons why our clients choose us over the competition!

Lawn Care Treatment Programs for your Home

Doehling Landscape Services Inc.  V.S. The Competition

Our six step process is geared to help our Minnesota lawns turn from unslightly to the yard on the block that everyone wants. Not everyone has a green thumb or understands the ratios needed to keep your lawn lush and green throughout the season. Our professionally trained and certified staff does though, and combined with our afforadable yearly ferilization rates, it makes sense to have us maintain your property. Why spend the hundereds of dollars yourself on fertilizer and spraying in hopes of making your yard green? Doehling Landscape Services in Shakopee is the make choice for your lawn and garden.

Below is our fertiliztion program we implement on every yard here in the Shakope, Chaska, Prior Lake, Eden Prairie and surrounding areas. Or you can read more about fertilization and your lawn.

Fertilizer program:

  1. Spring starter application. This application is designed to get the nutrients and weed control products in place so that your lawn starts off the growing season with a leg up on its competition, namely "weeds".
  2. Spring weed control application. This application is a liquid herbicide product that will eliminate weeds that are already present in the lawn.
  3. Late Spring Developer application. As the temperatures warm into June your lawns really get going in regards to growth rates.
  4. Summer Beautifier application. This application keeps your lawn healthy and strong so that common late summer lawn diseases are not a problem.
  5. Fall weed control application. This one eliminates weeds that may have sprung up along the way during the summer.
  6. Fall winterization application. This application is the second most important fertilizer application you can put on your lawn. Designed to build carbohydrates in the root system which helps improve winter survival and encourages earlier spring green up.

Weed Control in your Lawn | Dandelions & Crabgrass

Through the years, Doehling Landscape Services has come in contact with many methods to prevent and kill dandelions and crabgrass that may overtake your lawn. Of the many different alternatives out there, the most effective weed control however, can only be achieved through combining both granular and a liquid spray. At Doehling landscape service we have invested in application equipment and techniques that allow us to get the best of both worlds. Our chemical applicators have both a liquid spray tank and granular hopper on the their machines. Allowing us to use the premium slow release granular fertilizers while at the same time spot spray for weeds every time we visit your home for fertilizer applications. Keeping our properties looking fresh and green throughout the season.

Lawn Mowing | Residental and Commercial Property

At Doehling Landscape Services we put into our weekly mowing schedule that our blades be sharpened twice a week.  Why do we do this?  This is to ensure that when mowing your lawn or property, you get the best cut possible. This can directly affect the health of your lawn as well as the quailty of the grass. The stress and or damage caused by poorly sharpened blades can result into diseases and possible discoloration.

Dethatching | Green Up Your Yard Fast

Do you ever wonder why it seems to take your lawn so long the green up in the spring?  A very common one is "excessive thatch".  With de-thatching this loosens and pulls apart some of the old, dried and dead grass from the lawn allowing new shouts to spring through and water and fertilizer to reach the soil surface. Through this process, your lawn is able to breathe and get ready for a season of growing. We highly reccommend our clients using a dethatch program early in the season to get a jump start on the year.

Core Areation | Heavy Traffic and Poor Soil Yards

Core Areation | Heavy Traffic and Poor Soil Yards

Foot traffic from use of your lawn areas is one of the main causes of compacted soils and slow grass growth. We can alievate this by breaking this up with a core areator, allowing moisture and nutrients are able to reach the root zone. This critical in maintaining a healthy lawn.  A secondary benefit is the stimulation of new and deeper shoot growth in the root zone.  Deeper root zones can save you money by reducing the ammount of water yourt lawn needs during the summer.