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Weed Control and Treatment

Fertilizer can be applied to your lawn in one of two ways, either as a granular pearl or as part of a sprayed liquid formulation. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of a liquid formulation is that you are able to mix in herbicides for weed control, but you cannot get the slow release nitrogen that is so important to have.

Effective weed control, however, can only be achieved through a liquid spray.  At Doehling landscape service we have invested in application equipment and techniques that allow us to get the best of both worlds.  Our chemical applicators have both a liquid spray tank and granular hopper on the machine.  This allows us to use the premium slow release granular fertilizers while at the same time spot spray for weeds every time we visit your home for fertilizer applications. Below two of the most common weeds we come in contact with in our Southwest Minneapolis region.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Dandelion Lawn Daisey     Milk Weed

Dandelions, clover, creeping charlie, and others, are all in the same category of "broadleaf" weeds. These are some of the most common to turf areas in Minnesota. We use a liquid spray product that targets broadleaf plants, in turf grass, to control these weeds. Proper timing of this treatment can give you season-long control in just one application. As part of a package program we will spot-treat any additional weeds each time we return for fertilizer treatments.

Summer Crab Grass Control

Crab Grass  

Doehling Landscape Services is proud to offer one of the most effective "Pre and Post-Emergence" crab grass control programs to homeowners. Typically crab grass is only controllable in the spring with a pre-emergence product. This means you can only stop it from coming out of the ground.Our first application, in the spring, does include the pre-emergant granuals that will keep the crab grass from growing, approximatley 4 months. But now, in conjunction with our product distributors, we have developed a treatment that will eliminate crab grass even after it is established in your turf areas. This generally takes only one application in mid to late summer, but severe infestation may require several treatments to eradicate all crab grass.

Currently Untreatable Plants

Quack Grass

With all of the products available to us today, some plants and weeds still have no turf safe treatments. These are typically unwanted grasses that may grow up in the lawn area. You may see these grasses in the mid summer, as the lawn start to slow down growth and other plants start growing better. Other commonly seen issues are, undesired grasses such as rye, quack, or Barnyard type grass sprouting up in lawn areas and patches of different turf starting to over take the lawn. There is no magical cure or chemical that will take these grasses out of your lawn, without damaging desirable lawn areas. We do offer services that can aid in removing these grasses however the procedures are not garunteed or cost effective.


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