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Spring Clean Ups

Giving your home a spring cleaning seems to be annual ritual around here.  Doehling Landscape Services can do the same for your lawn and landscaped areas.  Our crews will clean landscaped areas of leaves and other debris, shrubs can be pruned (if needed), and all lawn areas will be de-thatched. Debris collected is removed on our trucks and you are left with a clean beautiful lawn and landscape ready for spring.

Spring Clean-ups are vital to your lawns initial startup. Ignoring the leaves that have fallen later on in the year may cause dead spots that will be very noticeable and will be difficult to naturally regrow as the year progresses into summer. Another contributing factor to a lawns start up, is the thatching that lies under your grass but on the top of your soil. We use large rakes attached to our mowers, which scratch up the soil surface to break up and expose the thatching. This is then collected by our quality commercial grade equipment and is hauled away from your property. The key benefits to a De-thatching is a faster green up in your lawn. By removing the thatch, the sun and water can now reach the soil better to raise the ground temperature and to provide nutrition that was used up by the grass in the fall. This in turn, also wakes up dormant microorganisms and allows them to get a jump start on creating good nutrients for the grass plant.

Many homeowners will notice little tunnels and lines in their grass, after the snow has melted. This is also more common under piles of snow from driveways, roadways, sidewalks, and other areas that have been cleared regularly during the winter. These lines and tunnels are commonly caused by Voles and/or Mice. They use the snow as insolation and will tunnel through your sod to use the ground temperature to keep warm. De-thatching in these areas will break up their tunnels and will push the little critters off of your lawn. After de-thatching, these areas will typically regrow with a little help and nurturing.

Once all of the landscape and lawn areas have been raked and vacuumed, we will load the waste into our trucks and dispose of it at a local composting site.  You are now left with a beautifully clean yard that is getting a jumpstart on its growing season. One of our Professional staff would love to answer any questions you may have and give you a quote.