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Lawn Mowing Services

Many things can affect the quality and health of your lawn areas.  But one the most often overlooked item is proper maintenance of mowing equipment, specifically mower blades. When mower blades are not sufficiently sharp the grass blade is torn instead of being clipped off.  This causes stress/damage to the grass plant and can result in dieses and/or poor color due to overall poor health.

Manufacturers recommend that blades be sharpened after every 8 hours of use.  At Doehling landscape, we put into our weekly mowing schedule maintenance times, twice a week, just to sharpen blades. Along with blade sharpening, we also greese and inspect each piece of equipment from end to end. This ensures that we are not leaking any fluids that could harm the turf as we are mowing. We use commercial grade equipment that leaves perfect cut lines and lawn stripes, to give your property that golf course look that everyone loves.

With the regular mowing service, we also include edge trimming. A quality lawn can look terrible by not taking care of the edges of driveway lines, sidewalks, trees, or other obsticles on the property. The details of a lawn cut are what set your property above your neighbors. Keeping the tall grasses that a lawn mowrer may not be able to reach, nice and neatly trimmed will add alot of visual astetics to your lawn. Our goal is to have your lawn looking as neat and clean as possible, each and every time we service it.

A regular mowing schedule will also aid in keeping weeds and other unwanted plants, from taking over your property. This will also build a healthier lawn and will create a natural weed barrier over time.

If you are tired of pushing that little lawn mower around on hot sunny days or if you have a large complex and are looking for a team of professionals to keep your property looking like a well kept fairway. Doehling Landscape Services is your local lawn care experts. Each of our lawn care staff members has over 10 years experience in mowing. Give us a call or contact us today for a free quote!

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