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Lawn Treatments in Lakeville

A lawn treatment program is essential to your lawns color, density, and overall health. Nobody knows this better that the professionals at Doehling Landscape Services. With over 10 years of experience in Lakeville lawn care, Matt and his team have been developing a custom cutting edge treatment program that has proven results. By having a lawn treatment program with Doehling, you can set your mind at ease knowing everything is taken care of. No more standing in front of 100 fertilizer products and hoping you pick the right one for your yard. Let us worry about that. Our Premium Lawn Treatment Program is the most popular choice for our customers and it delivers the best results for your lawns health.

A healthy lawn is important not only for you, but your community. Whether you own a house, own a building, or are a Home Owners Association in Lakeville, Doehling Landscape Services will get your lawn looking the best it ever has. Healthy lawns are critical. They give you and your guests a safe place to gather. A healthy lawn will provide erosion control. Studies show that a 50 ft by 50 ft area of healthy grass, will provide enough oxygen to support a family of four. A Healthy lawn is also important in boosting your properties curb appeal. First impressions are important. Your lawn is one of the first things that a guest, potential resident, or a client notices. This impression could poorly effect their confidence in you or your business. Do not let your lawn set you back. Call Doehling Landscape Services today.

The Experienced Staff at Doehling Landscape Services

The Experienced Staff at Doehling Landscape Services

Matt Doehling, Owner of Doehling Landscape Services, has been perfecting his lawn treatment programs for over 10 years. Throughout his years and experiences, Matt has created the best lawn treatment packages and they deliver results. Matts and his team of lawn care professionals, work closely together to ensure the best quality is given to each property. All of Doehlings applicators are licensed by the state of Minnesota.

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The professionals at Doehling take personal pride in everything they do. No job is too big or too small. If you want the best in the fertilizing business and you want the best lawn treatment program for your property, give the professionals at Doehling Landscape Services a call. Matt or one of his experienced team members will help guide you through the complex world of lawn care and will get your property looking great in no time!  Contact us for a quote!

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