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Irrigation Services

To keep your yard looking green and full in the dead heat of summer, your grass will need water. Irrigating your lawn in combination with our Lawn Treatment Program, will keep your yard healthy and full when other yards are turning brown and crispy. Doehling Landscape Services has the knowledge and experience to get your irrigation system back up and running. We offer Spring Start-up services and Fall Blow-out services to keep your sprinkler system in the best possible condition. Nothing is worse than improper startup and finding leaks in a line or heads being out of adjustment. Then spending your valuable time and effort, digging in the mud and fixing the leak. Most irrigation leaks and issues on the initial spring start up are caused from a poor system blow out in the fall. Having Doehling Landscape Services manage the winterizing and start up of your irrigation system will give you piece of mind knowing the job has been placed in good hands.

Irrigation is important for many reasons. It will reduce soil compaction. Soil compaction will make it harder for the root zone, of the grass plant, to grow and can stunt the grass. However, irrigation control is also imprortant. Too much watering can cause many other issues that may lead to unrepairable damage. It is important to have your irrigation system in-check and well timed by professionals that have the experience and "know how" to keep your system running smooth all summer long. Contact us today for rates and scheduling. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding services for irrigation system and any other services you may be interested in.

Fall Irrigation Blow-out:

Using our industrial grade air compressor, we force compressed air into your irrigation system through existing fittings, to push all the water out of your irrigation lines. This is a very critical step in maintaining your system. If this is not done properly, your lines will freeze over the winter months. This will cause your lines or sprinkler heads to crack. It can get prettly costly to repair these mistakes and typically requires digging up the area of the break. Do not let this happen to you. Call Doehling Landscape Services to set up your Irrigation Services today.

Spring Irrigation Start-up:

Proper water managment and head coverage, are key components in having an efficiant irrigation system. Having your zone times set to distribute the right amount of water is a delicute task. The second part to a good irrigation system, is head coverage. Making sure that every square inch of lawn is getting equal amounts of water will get you an nice even flush yard. Watering the street does you no good and is a waste of your money. We know how to adjust and manipulate many different kinds of irrigation heads, to ensure that your system is as efficiant as possible when watering your lawn. We also inspect each system and make sure we do not find any leaks, breaks, or bad components that can lead to costly repairs if overlooked.

Call the Professionals today. Doehling Landscape Serivices, is your number one stop for all lawn care needs.

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