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The Importance of a Fertlizer Program

Do you want the thickest lawn and healthiest plants possible? Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? Doehling Landscape Services in Shakopee can help you make smart choices for your lawn and garden so it can flourish.

Fertilizer is not just plant food. Fertilizers are concentrations of nutrients, minerals & elements. Proper timing and application techniques of these formulations is critical so that they are available for plants to use and make their own food.

When to fertilize, with what and how are commons questions. It is important to look at the overall scheme of things in order to make the proper decisions on these questions. Doehling Landscape Services will assess your property and recommend a plan for the care of all your plants and lawn depending on their individual needs.

Proper fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and health of lawn. We protect your investment by employing trained professionals to take care of your property and at some of the most competitive prices; you are sure to be thrilled with the results you will see with our proven lawn treatment programs.

Fertilizer Applications:

  1. Spring starter application. This application is designed to get the nutrients and weed control products in place so that your lawn starts off the growing season with a leg up on its competition, namely "weeds". We us a granular fertilizer product that is impregnated with a "pre-emergent" control chemical to stop new weed seeds from growing. The most often mention of these is crabgrass, but the pre-emergent herbicide will stop many other potential weeds from sprouting up also, which is why this is such an important part of your lawn care program.
  2. Spring weed control application. This application is a liquid herbicide product that will eliminate weeds that are already present in the lawn. All of your lawn areas are treated, front to back and side to side, so that nothing is missed. No spot spraying where many weeds can be missed.
  3. Late Spring Developer application. This is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. As the temperatures warm into June your lawns really get going in regards to growth rates. We use formulations of fertilizer with various forms of Controlled Release Nitrogen (CRN) so that your lawns receive the nutrients they need for lush green grass, but without excessive growth rates that can result form to much nitrogen.
  4. Summer Beautifier application. Lawns can be stressed in many ways from those summer "heat waves". This application keeps your lawn healthy and strong so that common late summer lawn diseases are not a problem.
  5. Fall weed control application. Like the application we did in may this one also eliminates weeds that may have sprung up along the way during the summer. With the cooler temps in late August and early September this is a great time to take care of them. That way you lawn will be weed free as the fall approaches and we get it ready for winter.
  6. Fall winterization application. This application is the second most important fertilizer application you can put on your lawn. Designed to build carbohydrates in the root system which helps improve winter survival and encourages earlier spring green up.