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Fall Landscape Clean Ups

Bags and bags of leaves?  Are your tired of spending countless hours raking and stacking leaves or chasing them around your yard with a small leaf blower? Then Doehling Landscape Services is your "One Stop Shop" for all of your fall clean up needs. We use quality commercial grade equipment that aids us in getting the job done right the first time. Leaf and Debris removal, lawn and landscape cleaning, shrub trimming, and irrigation blow outs are just some of the many services we provide.

No one wants to spend their busy days raking and bagging leaves. It seems that the chore will never end. The worst part is, you can not just ignore the issue and hope they blow away. Leaving leaf piles for spring can have negative effects on your turf quality once the snow melts. Leafs will hold moisture and block the sun from reaching the grass plant and cause it to die out. This will result in a dead spot in your lawn that will be costly to repair. Rodents such as Voles and Mice like to use leaf piles as dens and using the snow cover as insulation. These little guys are responsible for the little tunnels you may find in the sod once the snow melts. By removing the leaves from your lawn, you reduce the chance of having a rodent issue that can also lead to other costly turf repairs.

The Professionals at Doehling Landscape Service, have many years of experience in handling fall clean ups. We remove all leaves from the landscape areas, mulch and vacuum up the leaves, then collect them and haul the leaves off in our trucks. We dispose of all lawn and landscape debris at a local composting facility where it is recycled into compost dirt or chips.

Shrub trimming is also available in the fall. Trimming shrubs regularly will help them fill in and shape nicely. If a shrub is left untrimmed for long periods of time, it can start to over grow itself and cause damage to other things around it. Shrub trimming is typically done at the same time as the fall clean up to make it more convenient to the customer.

Aerating is another very valuable service that will help the overall health of your lawn. By breaking up compacted areas contributed by use in the summer, this gives the soil a chance to breath and will increase root growth.

Do not spend your time worrying about yard work or chasing leaves around. Relax in knowing that Doehling Landscape Services Inc. will take care of all the yard work this fall. Give us a call or contact us using the link below. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or to give you a free quote.