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Core Aeration Services for your Lawn

Compacted soil is common problem in the late summer and early fall. Foot traffic from use of your lawn areas is one of the main causes. Breaking this up so that moisture and nutrients are able to reach the root zone is critical in maintaining a healthy lawn. Of secondary benefit is the stimulation of new and deeper shoot growth in the root zone. A deeper root zone will save you money by reducing water needs during the summer. We use a well maintained commercial grade machine that allows us to take cores, deep or shallow, depending on soil conditions for each property. A typical walk behind aerator can cause damage to the turf, especially when turning. This machine allows us to more accurately take cores and cause less stress to the turf area.

We recommend that aerating be done once a year and we offer a discount if you bundle the aeration with a lawn treatment program. Aerating is an easy and cost effective way to help keep your lawn looking great. The Professionals at Doehling Landscape Services will have the knowledge and resources to build and maintain a beautiful healthy lawn. Give us a call or contact us with the link below for questions and quotes.

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